UW Health Hiring COVID-19 Clinical Technicians

UW Health is hiring COVID-19 Clinical Technicians to support vaccine distribution. For the Clinical Tech positions, one will need to work a minimum of 8 hours per week. The vaccine clinics will be open 7 days per week from 7a-7p. The shift durations available are 4, 8 or 12 hours. There will be a centralized scheduling platform by which each individual can go in and select open shifts, by location. The clinic locations will be 1102 S. Park Clinic , John Wall Drive (East side,), West Clinic , and TAC. If you are interested in applying the link is below:


Please be sure to apply for the positions titled: COVID-19 Clinical Technician, the location listed on the posting does not matter as you may be offered shifts at any of the four locations.

Students who already have a paid position at UW Health as an SNA do not need to apply for this additional position may simply sign up for the vaccine training on ULearn. The title of that course is: Ambulatory COVID-19 Vaccination Training. You will have permission to work over your current SNA hours, to support these efforts. Please reach out to Bridgett Willey at bwilley@uwhealth.org if you are currently employed as an SNA at UW Health and which to pick up additional shifts at the vaccine clinics.

This post was authored by Katie Bleier on 02/02/2021.