Spring 21 Course Opportunity: Digital Health, LIS/NURS/OT 517

Digital Health:
Information and Technologies Supporting Consumers and Patients
Asynchronous Distance class via Canvas
3 credits
Monday, January 25 – Monday, April 26, 2021

This course counts for L&S credit in the Social Science breadth area. It meets requirements of the Digital Studies Certificate:  DIGITAL INFORMATION STRUCTURES (I)

This course is appropriate for all students considering careers in the health or allied health professions, health sciences or public librarianship, service professions, and the social services, particularly those concerned with information provision to the medically underserved and members of racial/ethnic/socioeconomic minority groups. It’s for people who want to build more informed apps, websites, search engines, or information systems to organize and provide health information. Finally, it is for all people who need to navigate the maze of health information as consumers, patients, and/or caregivers to patients.

Topics covered include:

Consumer health information venues and providers

Health literacy

Ethics of health information services

Online medical databases (MEDLINE, CINAHL)

Online complementary and alternative medicine databases

Evidence-based medicine

Consumer health informatics: Electronic medical records and portals, personal health records


Evaluation and the World Wide Web

Patient and consumer empowerment

*A draft syllabus and a list of covered topics are available in your Student Center

This is an extremely customizable course for everyone, based on students’ interests, expectations, and professional or pre-professional needs. If you have particular learning or career goals in mind that revolve around consumer health information, I encourage you to contact me (catherine.arnott.smith@wisc.edu) and see how the course can best help you meet those goals.

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