Seeking Grad Student Project Assistant for Spring 2021 Semester

We are seeking a graduate student project assistant (PA) for the Healthy Aging in Rural Towns (HeART) Project: Community Conversations with Older Adults component. We have funding for a 33% time PA with spring semester tuition remission.

The HeART Project is working with three Wisconsin communities as they develop health coalitions to support older adults. In this final year of the project, we will be reaching out to older adults that live in HeART communities to learn about their experiences, perspectives, and successful strategies leading healthy lives.

The PA would be involved in making many friendly phone calls to rural older adults in Wisconsin, contributing to the data analysis, and preparing results for distribution to different groups.

The phone calls will be made to older adults who have volunteered to share their time and knowledge with us. Participants will be contacted multiple times over the course of 4 months. Each call will include friendly conversation, one or two questions for the older adult that will help inform coalition work, and sharing a resource for feedback.

The calls will:

  • support HeART’s project evaluation efforts,
  • provide additional information for the coalitions about their community members’ needs and wishes,
  • share healthy living resources with older adults and obtain their feedback, and
  • include best practice elements of a friendly caller program to reduce social isolation.

Interested persons should send any questions, their resume/cv and statement of interest to:

Kim Nolet

This post was authored by Kim Nolet on 12/02/2020.