Student (Employee) Diversity Forum Series

Whether you are a current UW-Madison Student Employee or not, we all play a part in creating an inclusive Badger community for all. Join your peers in this thought-provoking forum which will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas while engaging in a variety of topics on diversity, identity and inclusion. The forum consists of 8 sessions spread out across the week of October 5th-9th. Students can attend any or all of the sessions provided as part of the Forum Series. All sessions will take place in a virtual setting (Blackboard Collaborate) and will be one hour in length.


  • Communicate new perspectives and knowledge to participants, providing a foundation for mindful discussion.
  • Develop valuable skills that will foster and encourage an expanded awareness surrounding diversity, identity and inclusion.
  • Empower participants to express their identity and feel confident in their ability to create inclusive environments.

While each event has a student employee focus, all students are welcome to attend these free events! We encourage you to attend the sessions you find to be most valuable on your diversity, identity, and inclusion journey. Together, we can collectively contribute towards a more inclusive Badger community.


This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 10/05/2020.