2nd Annual WNA Health Policy & Advocacy Workshop

Join us virtually for the 2nd Annual WNA Health Policy & Advocacy Workshop
October 7th, 2020 and December 2nd, 2020 both from 6pm – 9pm
Registration Deadline: October 5, 2020

The purpose of the Wisconsin Nurses Association (WNA) Health Policy and Advocacy Workshop is to explore the nurse’s role in advocacy and policy/politics, as well as to support nurses’ engagement in the legislative process to improve the health of populations across Wisconsin. This workshop sup­ports nurses from novice to expert, student to retiree.

This workshop is scheduled for two sessions. The first session will focus on informing participants about the election process, nursing-related policy issues, and strategies for engagement in the 2020 election. We will analyze candidate platform statements and discuss the importance of making connections with legislators on both sides of the aisle. The second session will focus on the election outcomes related to leadership, key legislative committees and members, and strategies for communicating with legislators on important legislative priorities for nurses.

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This post was authored by Mariah Allen on 10/02/2020.