School of Nursing Inclusive Excellence Plan

I wanted to share our School’s final Inclusive Excellence Plan that was approved by the Academic Planning Council on May 8, 2020. This plan has been a collective project for the entire School over the last 2 years. The plan has goals that are aligned with the School’s strategic plan listed below, in addition to indicators of progress, short- and long-term recommendations, and responsibility for oversight. The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC) also plans to convene a subcommittee comprised of key stakeholders starting next Fall 2020, who will provide oversight of the IE plan. However, just as we all gave feedback, drafted, and provided insight in the development of this document, we are all responsible for putting the plan into action. Please take time to review the plan, and think about where your role and your sphere of influence fits. We want this to be an action plan – and create an environment where these goals can be implemented, and where all can thrive. The plan will also be available on the localnet, studentnet, and the School’s website.

  1. Academic Excellence
    1. Diversity and Inclusion of students
    2. Inclusive teaching and learning
  2. Research Expertise
    1. Inclusive research and scholarship
    2. Inclusive practice and innovation
  3. Organizational Effectiveness
    1. Welcoming and equitable workplace
  4. Faculty resources
    1. Diversity and Inclusion of faculty

School of Nursing Inclusive Excellence Plan

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This post was authored by Mel Freitag on 05/28/2020.