SoN Covid-19 Communication (Didactic and Clinical Education Plan)

Dear Nursing Students,

The School of Nursing at UW-Madison plans to fulfill its academic and research mission while keeping the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and our communities as its highest priority. Please read this email carefully.

The following guidance is applicable to ALL Nursing students. As we have seen, information about Covid-19 is rapidly changing and we will continue to provide updates about your nursing education as the situation evolves.

Clinical/Experiential Instruction

We are implementing a distance approach for clinical/experiential courses for a period from March 13 to April 5, 2020. Students should not report to clinical agencies/sites nor Signe Skott Cooper Hall during this time. We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate with you on or before April 1, so you can plan accordingly.

The School of Nursing is communicating with agencies and clinical sites to inform them of the plan through April 5, 2020. Reassessment will occur closer to that time and updates will be provided. Please do not contact the agencies/clinical sites until further notice.

Didactic/Classroom Instruction

Similarly, we are implementing a distance approach for didactic courses from March 23 to April 10, 2020.

Student Responsibilities

You are expected to participate in your distance didactic and clinical/experiential education.

Faculty assigned to your didactic and clinical/experiential courses will be in contact with you about next steps. Faculty will also work with you to implement strategies and appropriate learning activities consistent with meeting course learning objectives.

It is important for you to consider your health and safety, as well as those around you during this time. Further health information is available at University Health Services. We have had several questions about self-quarantine guidelines. In addition to Covid-19 symptoms, self-quarantine at this point in time includes travel within certain states as well as countries outside the US. Please refer to the information provided in the following link about self-quarantine:

In addition to this email, please stay updated with information on the student site of our School of Nursing. If you have questions, please email

This post was authored by Katie Bleier on 03/13/2020.