Become a Tutor for the Conversational English Eagle Heights Program

The Conversational English Eagle Heights program is run through the Greater University Tutoring Services here on campus. GUTS offers support to UW students in multiple facets of their campus experience, providing academic tutoring services, language programs, and study skills workshops and appointments. One fantastic lesser-known program provided by GUTS is our Conversational English Eagle Heights program, which is an after-school program for children ages K-3 of UW students and affiliates in the Eagle Heights community. There is a required time commitment of two hours per week for students interested in tutoring for our program. The tutoring location is just a bus ride away on the 80, the free bus line that picks up from many convenient locations on campus, including right in front of the Memorial Union. Students don’t even need to have a bus pass to ride this bus line!
Students interested in tutoring with us will practice writing lesson plans, collaborating in a classroom setting with other student tutors, and working with children. Additionally, the volunteer commitment of two hours/week for the course of the semester looks great on a resume. This is a wonderful opportunity for students pursuing careers in fields such as Education, Child Development, Linguistics, TESOL, CS&D, and more. Interested students can register to be tutors HERE.

This post was authored by Morgan Lewis on 02/07/2020.