Featured Spring 2020 Electives for Graduate Students

DNP & PhD students, consider N590 Leadership & Innovation in Healthcare and N590 Symptom and Self-Management Science for the spring term.
Questions about the course content can be directed to the instructors. Questions about access to and enrolling in either course can be directed to Kristi Wickler (kristi.hammond@wisc.edu).
N590 Leadership & Innovation In Healthcare
Requisite: Open to undergraduate and graduate students
Credits: 3
Day/time: Online only
Description: Students will examine successful theories and practices for promoting and managing innovation in healthcare. Key topics include leadership in healthcare organization with an emphasis on the practice of innovation and emerging models of care. Also included are models and frameworks of innovation, challenges of emergence, disruption, and strategies to support creativity and innovation through evidence. Enrolled graduate students will apply the principles of leadership, business and health care economics in the development of a new innovative product, program or service that will improve the quality of care delivery for a specific population, program, or system in addition to the other learning objectives.
Instructor: Barb Pinekenstein
N590 Symptom and Self-Management Science
Requisite: Graduate/professional standing
Enroll Info: Completion of at least one graduate-level research methods course is strongly encouraged as prerequisite for enrollment in this course.
Credits: 3
Day/Time: W 1-4pm
Description: Seminar course addressing emerging topics in the study of symptoms and self-management in persons with acute and chronic health conditions. Content will emphasize research frameworks, mechanistic processes, designs, methods, and data sources for the use of various biological markers in research investigating symptoms and self-management across the lifespan and in diverse populations. Students will appraise and synthesize evidence in consideration of integrating biomarkers in their own programs of research.
Instructor: Kris Kwekkeboom

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