Planning for your Financial Future seminar

Come hear about things you should be considering as you prepare to launch your career.  This is NOT a sales presentation.  It is an informational session that will talk about things you can do now to start setting yourself up for financial independence and empowerment.  What is important when evaluating a job offer?  What is a Roth IRA?  A 401K?  And why should you care?

Barb Finley is a senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley and has been named to Forbes Magazine’s list of America’s top 200 Women Financial Advisors.  She loves helping people learn how to leverage their current and future financial health.  Again-this is not a sales presentation-it’s an educational presentation to help you think about this important topic!

When:  Tuesday, April 30th from 1-2PM in room 1227

This post was authored by Beth Dawson on 04/03/2019.