Wisconsin Nurses Honor Guard Recruiting New Graduates

​Please review the following invitation to serve from the Wisconsin Nurses Honor Guard:

Greetings fellow nurses! Thank you for choosing this selfless and honorable profession. Nursing is a work of love and compassion and therefore is no surprise that Forbes magazine continues to rate us year after year as the most trusted profession in the land.

Maybe you have heard about honor guards and how they honor someone who had served their country in a selfless manner, such as with the military, police, or fire service. An honor guard lays the fallen to rest with rituals performed by brothers and sisters of their professional family. Nurses also serve this country in countless ways. We work tirelessly and make numerous sacrifices throughout our careers in an often thankless role, in order to serve others who have needs greater than our own. When we die, it would only seem right to be able to honor our own in a similar manner.

The Wisconsin Nurses Honor Guard was created to do just that! The idea of the WNHG was born between a small group of Milwaukee based nurses who saw an urgent need in this state, that was until now, unfulfilled. We attend the funerals of nurses (LPN and above) who have lived, worked, and/or died in this state. We provide a service that recognizes dedicated nursing professionals after their passing through a tribute.  We attend only upon request of the family or funeral director when planning services. The service is performed FREE of charge. There are NO membership dues. There is no minimum number of funerals to attend. You put in as much effort and time as you desire.

We are looking for new members to join us from all over the state! Consider volunteering and join us. We have been VERY well received by every funeral we have attended (again, we only attend by family request). The families are always extremely thankful for our support. The feeling you get in helping to bring closure to the grieving families by sending off a fellow nurse brings a great sense of pride in what we do as nurses. We are always looking for new members.

You can join us by visiting us at: https://www.winurseshonorguard.com and clicking “get involved”

Or email us: info@winurseshonorguard.com

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This post was authored by Karen Mittelstadt on 04/10/2019.