Bachelor’s Hoods for Accelerated BSN Students at Commencement/Convocation

During the Accelerated BSN Student Town Hall meeting, the question was raised about ordering the bachelor’s hood to be worn as part of the academic attire at Commencement and Convocation. The bachelor’s hood is short with a narrow velvet edging and it is worn only by candidates who previously received a baccalaureate degree. While there is no hooding ceremony for second-degree students, they do have the option to wear the hood throughout the commencement ceremony.

The Office of Academic Affairs inquired of the University Book Store about these second-degree hoods. Following is the information provided:

  • The hood color is determined by the student’s prior baccalaureate degree earned.
  • Students who wish to order the bachelor’s hood do so separately from the cap and gown order.
  • To order a bachelor’s hood, students should either:
    • Send an email to In the email, students should note they are second-degree candidates in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science-Nursing program. Dwayne, who manages academic attire for the bookstore, will facilitate these requests via email.
    • Order the bachelor’s hood in person at the the Service Counter in the Hard Lines Department of the University Book Store State Street location or at the University Book Store Health Sciences Learning Center location.

This post was authored by Karen Mittelstadt on 03/25/2019.