PHS Monday Seminar – Taking the High Road

Monday Seminar Series

Taking the High Road

Monday, March 4th, 2019
12:00 – 1:00 pm
1335 Health Sciences Learning Center

Presented by: Joel Rogers
Sewell-Bascom Professor of Law
Political Science, Public Affairs, and Sociology
Department of Sociology Director
University of Wisconsin-Madison

“First and foremost, “high road” (HR) denotes a family of strategies for human development under competitive market conditions that treat shared prosperity, environmental sustainability, and efficient democracy as necessary complements, not tragic tradeoffs. HR strategies are both egalitarian and productivist. They emphasize the role that capable and resilient democratic organization plays not just in ensuring representation and fairness but in generating wealth. Such organization, and only it, can at once set the rules that enable market competition, provide needed public goods and corrections to market failures, and ensure breadth in the social learning and innovation that are the ultimate source of wealth. In the repeated three-step of high-road development — “reduce waste, add value, capture and share the benefits of doing both” — it is essential to the social cooperation and power needed to take each step…”

Full abstract can be viewed in attachments.

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