Nurses on the Frontlines of Addressing Elder Abuse – February CARE Connections

One of every ten older adults will experience some form of elder abuse. What role do nurses play in detecting and responding to abuse? Read the February issue of CARE Connections, the monthly newsletter of the School of Nursing’s Center for Aging Research and Education.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Nurses are in an ideal position to prepare the caregiver and identify what resources are needed, be that in-home care or respite services. We teach nursing students to think of the patient and the caregiver as a pair. They rely on each other. When demands on one increase, how do you help them to re-balance?”

This month’s CARE Connections also includes a profile of CARE Affiliate and School of Social Work Assistant Professor Lauren Bishop-Fitzpatrick, information about our new Workshops Expanding Caregiver Awareness and Resources (WECARe) and the BREAK Exchange for respite care, plus news relevant to older adult health.

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This post was authored by Diane Farsetta Farsetta on 02/27/2019.