UW Odyssey Project Seeking Nursing Student Mentors

The UW Odyssey Project hopes to launch an exciting mentorship program. For the past 16 years, the Odyssey Project has provided adult students facing economic barriers the opportunity to attend a free college jumpstart course in the humanities. Many students are overcoming hurdles such as homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, incarceration, depression, domestic abuse, and single parenthood. More than 400 students have completed Odyssey, some even moving from homelessness to UW master’s degrees, from incarceration to meaningful work in the community. Three quarters have gone on to enroll in further higher education, and approximately a quarter of Odyssey program alumni now hold a degree or professional certificate. The Odyssey Program believes it could increase these numbers with an effective mentorship program. 

Many students who have completed Odyssey are seeking community members who would be interested in offering information and support to them about their future career goals. The Odyssey Project is looking to match several program participants who are interested in nursing with a nursing student mentor. The mentor would help these Odyssey participants solidify their career or school goals while providing support and additional motivation. Because more than 90 percent of Odyssey students are persons of color, the program especially seeks community members of color who can serve as role models and mentors.  

Nursing students interested in partnering with the Odyssey Project and serving as mentors to nursing-interested individuals should contact Abigail Hail, Success Coach Intern, at successintern@dcs.wisc.edu to learn more.

This post was authored by Karen Mittelstadt on 02/06/2019.