RN Wellness (Clinic Health Nurse): Goodwill SEW

The Nurse II consults, recommends, and educates employees and participants in health, wellness and safety matters. The RN is responsible for managing and providing a full range of clinical nursing services, treating occupational health injuries and illnesses and leading the response in medical emergency situations. The RN manages and distributes medications to all persons with physician’s orders and provides medical assessments and consultations. The RN collaborates with RN Manager and divisional staff to assess health trends and provide training and support for all Goodwill operations.

Experience Required

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Full/Part Time
Full Time

Shifts Required
Mornings, Afternoons

Contact Name: Brittany Puente

Contact Email: Brittany.Puente@goodwillsew.com

Application Instructions
Please apply through the link provided

Application Link
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This post was authored by Brittany Puente on 07/10/2018.