Emergency Room Medical Scribe: Scribe America

ScribeAmerica hires and trains anyone interested in a career in medicine. We provide paid classroom and clinical training in the emergency department to prepare applicants to be Emergency Physician Scribes. The role of an ER Scribe offers exciting first-hand experience in the emergency department and full one-on-one shifts working with board certified emergency physicians. The job is second-to-none for exposure to emergency medicine, disease processes, medical decision making and procedures performed in the emergency department.

Experience Required
Second Year Nursing Student

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Full/Part Time
Full Time, Part Time

Hours Per Week

Contact Name: Jay Schofield

Contact Email: jay.schofield@scribeamerica.com

Application Instructions
To apply visit: www.scribeamerica.com/apply

Application Link
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This post was authored by Jay Schofield on 06/22/2018.