Global Health Institute Events

Mark Your Calendars!

June 6th  Zoonoses and One Health Updates: Connecting Human, Animal and Environmental Health

June 7th  Deadline for Badger Volunteers’ Summer Registration

June 20th  Protecting Your Innovations: Critical Updates on New Patenting Guidelines for the Software and Life Sciences Industries

June 25th  Neurosurgery in the Amazon Rainforest: Providing Voice and Care for Newly-Contracted Communities

June 26th  YALI Expert: Local to Global Governance

June 28th  Fullbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Application Deadline

June 29th  June Catalyst Meeting: Townhall Talk

July 10, 17, & 28  YALI Tuesdays: Preventing Disease, Improving Care, Forging New Solutions for Health

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This post was authored by Morgan Lewis on 06/06/2018.