Get Paid for Your Opinion: Design Concept GI Techs

Design Concepts is a local design firm that does a lot of work in the healthcare industry and they are always looking for partners to help ensure they are designing the right products and experiences for both patients and healthcare providers. 
They are currently working on a project that is used during colonoscopies are are looking for people who can advise on the design through explaining experiences and reviewing some of the firms concepts.
Design Concepts is looking for local circulating nurses who work in GI and/or some GI or endo technicians.
They would like to spend 1.5 hours with you and you will be paid $150 to share your thoughts and expertise and hope to meet with you as soon as June 18th or 19th.
If you are interested, contact Alexandra Upadhyaya, Industrial Designer, at (608) 316-8400 or
If you would like more information on the firm, check out their website!

This post was authored by Morgan Lewis on 06/06/2018.