Student Hourly for Pilot Grant: UW-Madison

We are seeking an hourly nursing student for a small pilot grant through the Society of Pediatric Nurses. The study will obtain feedback and insights from parents, caregivers, nurses, and other health care providers of children with medical complexity who are seen at American Family Children’s Hospital. The goal of the study is to learn more about the transitions of care that these children experience during their inpatient admissions to the hospital.

The student will be hired to help schedule, set up, and run focus groups for each of the stakeholder groups. Focus groups will take place in the summer of 2018, and will be held at the School of Nursing. Please note that focus groups may take place in the evening and / or on weekends in order to accommodate varied schedules. There will be 3-5 focus groups total for the study.

Responsibilities include: contacting individuals who are interested in participating; identifying dates and times for focus groups; contacting participants to provide information on focus group date, time, and location; reminder phone calls; set up for and sitting in on focus group sessions; and reviewing focus group transcripts for accuracy. Students interested in this opportunity can contact Anne Ersig, the study PI, at for more information.

Experience Required
Second Year Nursing Student, SNA, LPN, CNA, RN, Graduate Nurse, DNP, PHD


Full/Part Time
Part Time

Shifts Required
Mornings, Afternoons, Nights, Weekends

Contact Name: Anne Ersig

Contact Email:

Application Instructions
Contact Information:

Anne L. Ersig, PhD, RN
Pediatric Nurse Scholar
UW-Madison School of Nursing
UW Health American Family Children’s Hospital
Personal Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

This post was authored by Anne Ersig on 04/30/2018.