Forward 2018: Workshops and Discussions on the Society We Live in and How to Change It

Forward is an annual gathering of community activists, students, and educators organized by the UW Havens Center for Social Justice. The central goal of Forward is to contribute to social movement building by bringing people together to discuss issues, strengthen networks and relationships, and explore strategies for social, political, and economic change. Topics include: Fighting the Assault on Higher Ed: Quality Public Education Now!, Gun Violence: Confronting a Uniquely American Epidemic and DACA: Organizing in a Changing Landscape among many others. There will be a number of speakers from Paulina Baker from Save our Students to  Nino Rodriguez from Racial Justice Tipping Point, assisting the the facilitation of these important conversations. In addition there will be lunch on the roof (bring lunch with you), and a Pizza Party and Social at 6pm.

Where: UW-Madison School of Education

When: Saturday, May 19th

Time: 9:45am – 5:45pm

This Event is Free and Open to the Public  

This post was authored by Damola Ajibola on 04/17/2018.