Navy Nurse Candidate Program

Attention Nursing Students! Graduating with BSN after 1 October 2019?

– How would you like to earn up to $34,000 while completing your Bachelor of Science in
Nursing Degree? The money is yours to use as you see fit – tuition, books, rent, utilities, loan repayment, etc

– How would you like to have a guaranteed job as a Nurse immediately after receiving your BSN? Avoid the
stress of having to search for a job after graduation.

BSN Scholarship
Navy Nurse Candidate Program (NCP)

If selected, you will receive $1,000.00 EACH MONTH (UP TO 24 MONTHS) PLUS A $10,000.00 SIGN ON
BONUS! Total up to $34,000.00!!!
*Start applying in January. (Applications are due May 31st)

For more information, please contact:

  • Chief Alvin Miles, United States Navy
    • (847)-513-2687
  • Chief Bradley Beckman, United States Navy
    • (847)-562-6518

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This post was authored by Sarah Jessup on 04/10/2018.