Jane Ekayu: Children of Peace, Uganda

Join GlobeMed and 4W in giving Jane Ekayu a warm welcome to UW-Madison! She will be here Tuesday, March 20th at 5:30pm in Nancy Nicholas Hall Room 1125. Her talk will focus on her upbringing, her career as a child trauma therapist, her journey to finding and directing Children of Peace Uganda, and her experience as a woman in leadership. Her talk will be followed by a Q&A session. Jane is super excited to speak, and we are excited to see you all there!

Background on Jane Ekayu:

Jane has extensive experience as a child trauma therapist; while working at the Rachele Rehabilitation Centre in Uganda from 2004 to 2006, her role was to receive child soldiers returning from captivity from the civil war with the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), assist them in their physical, emotional, and psychological healing, and facilitate their reintegration back into the community. In 2006, Jane continued her work though Children of Peace Uganda. Jane is also an accomplished international spokesperson on the issues of child soldiers and war trauma recovery and has captivated audiences in the UN General Assembly Hall, the International Criminal Court, the ICC Review Conference in Kampala, the Amnesty International Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival, and many others.

See attached flier for more details.


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