Menstrual Product Donation Drive

Accessible Reproductive Healthcare Initiative (ARHI) is a student organization that seeks to provide essential reproductive and menstrual resources to low-income/ disadvantaged individuals and families in the city of Madison. We strive for “greater access for reproductive healthcare in our community by: (1) collecting, and fundraising for menstrual materials (tampons, pads, cups, etc.), (2) distributing these resources to facilities committed to promoting the health and well-being of disadvantaged individuals and families, (3) simultaneously raising awareness of the need for greater reproductive healthcare access, and addressing the stigma surrounding a natural process, and (4) advocating for policies and campaigns aimed at increased access for reproductive healthcare resources for the Madison community, as well as the student body.” One way we fulfill our mission statement is through our Bleeding Love campaign, co-sponsored with the Center for Cultural Enrichment in University Housing. This campaign aims to promote awareness about the barriers to reproductive healthcare access facing low-income families in the county, and to provide feminine hygiene products to individuals who face challenges in affording basic health products. This will be the third year of our menstrual product drive; last year we were able to collect 3 menstrual cups, 1,793 pads and 3,388 tampons, and hope to surpass that this upcoming year with the School of Nursing’s help.

Beginning in March, we will set up collection boxes, which will be located in room 1100 for the School of Nursing. If you are interested in helping us further our mission and promote accessibility to reproductive resources, we are hoping that you will either donate products (including tampons, pads, or menstrual cups) or monetary funds through our venmo account. At the end of the month, all donated and purchased products are distributed to various entities in need around the Madison community, including YWCA, Grace Food Pantry, and Open Seat last year. On behalf of ARHI, we would like to personally thank you all for your donations last year!!


If you have any questions, please contact Abbey Vadnais at

This post was authored by Damola Ajibola on 02/27/2018.