Research and Practice Colloquium

Presenter: Elise Arsenault Knudsen

Presentation Title: Nurses’ Perception of Practice Change: A Descriptive Qualitative Study

Presentation Description: “Since the seminal reports published by the Institute of Medicine, To Err is Human in 1999 and Crossing the Quality Chasm in 2001, healthcare organizations have focused on improving the quality of care, often through evidence-based practices (EBP). EBP has been repeatedly cited to improve the quality of care, decrease healthcare costs, improve patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary variation of care; however, there remains, on average, a lapse of approximately 17 years exists between research discoveries and the translation into practice. Nurses, as the largest component of hospital staff, are perfectly positioned to provide evidence-based care and to improve patient outcomes. The current body of knowledge explores the experience of nurses who have led an EBP change through engaging in an EBP workshop, an EBP Fellowship, or internship; however, there is a gap in the literature exploring the perceptions of nurses who are being asked to change their practice when they are not leading the change themselves. This study aims to explore nurses’ perception of practice change. Interviews were conducted with RNs at one hospital using semi-structured interview guide.”

Date and time: Tuesday, February 13th, 12pm-1pm

Location: Signe Skott Cooper Hall, room 1227

This post was authored by Damola Ajibola on 02/09/2018.