Call for Graduate Student Funding and Assistantship Preferences ( submission deadline Feb. 25)

The School of Nursing is committed to providing funding opportunities for graduate students in the Doctor of Nursing Practice and PhD programs. Funding can come in many forms, including teaching assistantships (TAs), program/project assistantships (PAs), competitive research assistantships (RAs), grants and fellowships, traineeships, or other academic employment opportunities. Funding decisions are made based on student goals and interests, faculty/advisor recommendations, available sources of funding, and the needs of the school.

The Call for Graduate Student Funding and Assistantship Preferences (online survey) is now available and will be used to solicit the funding preferences of continuing DNP and PhD students. Student responses will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, who oversees the graduate student funding and assistantship process. Funding decisions will be made by the Associate Dean, in consultation with the faculty program directors, advisors, the DNP and PhD Subcommittees of the Graduate Programs Committee, and course professors (for TAships). The deadline to submit the survey is 11:59pm on Sunday, February 25. Students will be notified of funding decisions in April.

Please proceed to complete this survey, sharing your preferences for funding and assistantships during the 2018-19 academic year. It is suggested that you talk with your advisor about your preferences and priorities prior to submitting the survey. Please note the survey includes questions that require longer statements about your interest in and match for specific roles, a requirement to upload a two-page Research Proposal for students interested in Research Assistantships, and the requirement of all students to upload a current CV.

The survey is available as a PDF preview so you can see the full set of prompts before starting the online form. It is possible to save and continue the survey. If you have questions while completing the survey, please contact Karen Mittelstadt, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, at or 608-263-5284.

Link to survey:

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This post was authored by Karen Mittelstadt on 02/08/2018.