Interprofessional Public Health Leadership Course: Spring 2018

PHS 758: Interprofessional Leadership in Public Health
In this course, you will have an opportunity to learn about the importance of teamwork in public health and to explore leadership styles.  Students from different professional backgrounds will learn and share experiences to better prepare you to lead and collaborate in your future professions.  
Structure:   Revamped hybrid course that requires attendance at 3 face-to-face meetings (1/29, 3/19, and 4/16) and participation in 5 online modules.
POP HLTH 758 / Mondays  4:30-6:30pm
Course Topics:
•  Public Health 101
•  Basics of Interprofessional Teams
•  Addressing Wicked Public Health Issues Takes a Team
•  Six Levels of Public Health Leadership
•  Leadership and Advocacy
•  Using Self-Reflection to Enhance Your Leadership Skills
Enrollment:   Enrollment will be capped at 24 students with the goal of reaching the most health professions programs.  Register Now!   POP HLTH 758

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