Student Hourly for research studies for childhood obestiy: School of Nursing

I, an Assistant Professor, am currently hiring a student to help several research projects regarding the role of family environment and parents in childhood obesity. Earlier research experience with literature review and data management preferred, but not required. The job duties include:
1. Literature selection and data extraction for review papers
2. Literature search for manuscripts
3. Data cleaning and preparing for data analysis
4. Potential long term student employment for a research study

Experience Required
Second Year Nursing Student, DNP


Full/Part Time
Part Time

Hours Per Week
5-7 hours

Pay Rate

Contact Name: Mio (Myoungock) Jang

Contact Email:

Application Instructions
Please apply with CV or resume. If you have any questions, please contact Myoungock (Mio) Jang by an email at

This post was authored by Mio (Myoungock) Jang on 10/04/2017.