Foster WisCARES Animals

Do you like animals? Do you miss your pets at home? Do you want to help Dane County’s homeless population and their pets? 

Wisconsin Companion Animal Resources, Education, and Social Services (WisCARES) is an outreach partnership at the University of Wisconsin that provides basic veterinary medical care, housing support and advocacy, and other support services to Dane County pet owners who are currently experiencing or are at risk of homelessness, as well as those who are unable to pay for veterinary medical services needed for access to housing.
WisCARES needs foster homes to keep animals for up to 90 days while their owners find more permanent housing. WisCARES provides all food, supplies, and veterinary help–you just supply the cuddles! Email us at for an application or if you have questions. The application process is quick and you are not required to take an animal when one becomes available. Contact us today!


This post was authored by Kyle Sanger on 09/13/2017.